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The Empathy Imperative

A bold, philosophical novel

by Max T. Furr


A novel Consider this: Do we live in the best of all possible worlds? Can you imagine a better world? If so, then how could such a world be realized either theologically or through human reason? In this unique novel based on biblical literality, God is placed on trial in an ethereal court, charged with creating evil, willful and harmful negligence, and terrorism. His prosecutor is a professor of biological evolution and philosophy. How could this possibly happen? Who is on the jury and what will be the verdict. . . Guilty or not guilty? .

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Natural history ties 100% fine silk


Welcome to Triassic Legacy's
Elegantly patterned, prehistoric creatures (dinosaurs, flying reptiles) neckwear. You are witnessing the dawn of a company that is destined to become the world’s largest supplier of natural history theme neckties. The species displayed here are the seeds of things to come. Other species are evolving. Begin now to collect the entire natural history series.

Within each tie, one Coelophysis lurks.
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MBL001/BBL001 MBG002  MVR001

MBL001 Men's Tyrannosaurus Rex 100% silk (60") $35.00

BBL001 Boy's Tyrannosaurus Rex 100% silk (48") $30.00

MBG002 Men's Pteranodon 100% silk (60") $35.00

MVR001 Men's Velociraptor 100% silk (60") $35.00

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 Place a stress on our environment.
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Updated January 3, 2015

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