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Our history and vision:

When I was an outreach educator, I enjoyed wearing ties that children would like. I searched the Internet for ties with a natural history theme, especially with animals of the Mesozoic era (Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods - the time of the dinosaurs and of great geological change). I found none! So, I decided to try to create my own designs.

My wife and I decided that we did not want ties that would be strictly classified as "novelty" ties. Our design philosophy, then, was to create designs such that, seen from a distance, they would appear simply to be very tastefully designed neckties. Up close, however, the observer discerns an interesting natural history theme.

Therefore, businessmen would not hesitate to wear such a tie to important business meetings, and teachers would enjoy a tie that they know their students would like. Simply put, it adds a pleasing touch to the personality of the wearer.

Finally, we wanted our ties to be of the best quality, so we chose 100% silk material.

We plan four more designs soon, and possibly some polo shirts with our Coelophysis logo.

About this site:

This site was designed and created by me, Max Furr, the chief fossil (Furranosaurus maximus) of Triassic Legacy. It was my desire not only to create a site from which I could offer my designs, but to offer an educational resource as well. The site and its educational value will evolve as I learn more about Web publishing.

Drop me an email (address is at the bottom of this page). Tell me where you are and how you found this site. Also, I welcome your comments and suggestions. Place a stress on my environment by suggesting species you would like to see evolve in future designs. If one of the next designs is of a species you suggested, I will credit you for the suggestion.

Have a wonderfully natural day!

Triassic Legacy

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