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Triassic Legacy's Customer Privacy Policy

We believe strongly in your right to privacy, and we protect that right.

We do not maintain credit card numbers. Upon confirmation of a valid credit card number, and the fulfillment of the purchase, we delete the number from our purchaser files. If you are concerned about submitting your credit card number over the Internet, email us at max5ties@yahoo.com.

We do not attempt to read files from your computer, nor do we attempt, in any way, acquire such information.

We do not divulge the names, email addresses, or any other information about our customers, to anyone, for any reason.

We do not maintain your email address. Once correspondence is completed, we delete the address from our files.

Our Web Site is hosted and protected by Apollo Hosting, a reputable Internet hosting service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send us email, sales@triassiclegacy.org, or phone toll free, 866 437-5685, or send a letter to:

Max Furr
Chief Fossil

Triassic Legacy


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